Fantastic emotion, from breakfast to dinner.

At Luna Wellness Hotel we dedicate ourselves to your palate.

The restaurant with his big glass windows converts every moment spent at the table into a fantastic emotion, from breakfast to dinner.

Our Cuisine

There is big attention to the quality of raw material and to the products of our land, with a preference for the handmade, natural and mainly homemade ones, these are the features of our cooking and the scrupulous rules that our Chef follows for the preparation and ideation of dishes.

The restaurant daily suggests to the Guests a varied 4-course menu suitable for every different taste, as for those who want enjoy the tasty dishes of Trentino tradition, as for more precise ones who prefer keep the line without sacrificing the flavors of good food.

Breakfast buffet

The better way to start a new day is a very good breakfast. Every ingredient is chosen with lots of care and there is a great abundance of food as a real flavors tour. The oasis of herbs proposes a big choice of herbal teas and infusions, the salty corner offers a big choice of cold cuts and local cheeses and fresh seasonal vegetables. Local jams and Trentino honey open the sweet corner with a big selection of cakes, tarts and homemade biscuits. You could taste our local biological juices and different kinds of milk for every food needs.


Trentino in a glass. Our land is very famous for its vineyards and its particular climate which, in some areas, allows to produce excellent wines, some of them with fruits and delicate aromas, others

with more strong and captivating features. Our cellar is a corner where you could experience the very soul of the best wines of Trentino and Italy.

Every menu needs a different combination and for this reason our wine list will offer a specify selection of bottles which will be able to enhance our cooking’s tastes. Our expert Sommelier will  advice the ideal combination with the dishes you’ve chosen for the best experience in the world of taste.

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