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We love our area and our planet. We deeply believe that everyone can bring his own contribution in order to improve life conditions without attacking the surrounding. Luna Wellness Hotel has deeply believed in this purpose and thanks to his dedication in this sense it has obtained the very precious recognition of European Ecolabel and with pleasure we try to involve our guests in this task during their stay following some little behaviour for our planet without giving up the comfort and quality.

We work hard to integrate the principles of eco-friendly development in the daily management approach: for example, we use the energy coming from local renewable sources, we principally buy from local suppliers, we use eco-save bulbs, we realize recycling and we invite to contribute for the respect of environment both for the garbage collection and for energetic use of the washing laundry.

Periodically we verify our environmental plan and the results obtained in order to improve more the actions in defense of nature because we believe that protect our area is a love measure towards who live and will live in the future than for people that comes here to visit it.

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We have brought some little changes to the traditional courtesy service in the rooms, so that since 2015 you can find the following news:

  • RUBBER SLIPPERS, WASHED AND SANITIZED FOR THE NEW GUEST, this new idea will save us about 1.500 KG non-recyclable waste every year
  • COURTESY SERVICE with DISPENSERS WALL FOR FACE, BODY AND HAIR (bottles of 800 gr.), this service will save us about 30.000 non-recyclables and non-reusable little bottles
  • ELECTRIC ENERGY LED: we are already at 70% of our conversion. Energy saving, the use of new technologies and the purchase of energy from the market free from “green” sources have already brought to a remarkable decrease of CO² in our climate.

At our reception you can find information about the use of public means of transport.

If you have advices finalized to a better ambient respect, we will be very happy to evaluate them in order to improve your stay in our hotel.

Thank you for your precious contribution.
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Ecolabel is a European label of environmental certification released from European Union according to Reg. (CE) N. 66/2010 of European parliament and of Council of 25 November 2009. It’s an instrument granted to the products or services that respect ecological criteria established at the European level.

Obtaining the label represents a certificate of excellence released to the products/services that have a reduced environmental impact.

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