Luna Wellness Hotel

Luna Wellness Hotel

Your Wellness Hotel in Trentino is waiting you to give you exciting wellness emotions.

Here at Luna Wellness Hotel everything is thought to make you feel good. If you’d like to practise some sports or you are an hopeless lazy, if you prefer to let you pamper by a relaxing massage or tasting flavours always new.

Discover what we are able to do for your wellness and choice your personal way to feel good!

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Hotel and services


Luna Wellness Hotel is situated in Folgarida in Val di Sole, very closed the renowned Madonna di Campiglio at about 1300mt of height, surrounded from the charming Dolomiti di Brenta.

Skilifts are only few meters far from the hotel and are connected with the Skiarea Campiglio – Dolomiti di Brenta: with a single Skipass and always keeping the ski you could travel over 150 km of tracks.

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Concept e Mission

At Luna Wellness Hotel, wellness is not only a massage, an aestetic treatment or a short instant of happiness. Our “modus vivendi” is the emotion that we try to create for our guests that with semplicity surrounds every aspect of our daily life.

Our aim is to make you gather the simple beauty of things, to make you live intense moments of peace, joy, entertainment and satisfaction, everything you like doing. It’s the only true and good way to feel good.

During your holiday at Luna Wellness Hotel in Trentino, we’ll go with you in the wellness world intended as a total way: a sensorial travel to taste and discover the important values of life and when you come back home, to improve your everyday life.

luna-rideBecause we love to make you smile!!!
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Vita Nova

Luna Wellness Hotel in Folgarida, in Val di Sole, is one of the founders of Vita Nova Trentino Wellness, a Club that brings together the best of Trentino Hotels&Resorts dedicated to carefully selected wellness. His philosophy is “quality assurance”.

The high standards of service we offer our guests not only as part of beauty and well-being but also for the maintenance of the structure and offerings, undergo periodic testing and quality control, guaranteed by the brand Vita Nova.

Luna Wellness Hotel, like the other hotels that have the honor to acquire this important brand, offers its guests different experiences and high-quality and peculiarities, romantic and exciting, able to decline in the concept of well-being in the most different forms. Discover our offers for a wellness stay at the Luna Wellness Hotel in Trentino.

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marchio-ecolabelWe love our area and our planet. We deeply believe that everyone can bring his own contribution in order to improve life conditions without attacking the surrounding. Luna Wellness Hotel has deeply believed in this purpose and thanks to his dedication in this sense it has obtained the very precious recognition of European Ecolabel and with pleasure we try to involve our guests in this task during their stay following some little behaviour for our planet without giving up the comfort and quality.

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360° Wellness

Let yourself go to the pleasure: avante-garde wellness Spa, treatments and massages with exclusive and natural products, emotional way between sauna, Turkish bath and chromotherapy. Heated swimming-pool and hydromassage. Everything for you for a complete regeneration. For our Guests only the best of beauty through the best-known brand Vita Nova Trentino Wellness Hotel.

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Golden dreams

Let you pamper and abandon yourself to the rest in our rooms.

Very comfortable mattresses will  surround you during the sleep and give you back all the necessary power to face a new active day on the ski, on bike or by foot discovering the wonders of Trentino.

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At Luna wellness Hotel you can satisfy your desires and to think about what you’d hope. You could regain the contact on nature after long and stressed working days and you could totally regenerate and gain contagious energy! In every season we have chosen for You the best for a beautiful moment of life outside.

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